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In my opinion, this is the most impor­tant con­fer­ence of 2014 dealing with uncon­sti­tu­tional Coun­cils of Gov­ern­ments, Agenda 21 and Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment. My pre­sen­ta­tion on glob­al­iza­tion, the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion, Tech­noc­racy and the his­tory of Agenda 21 leads off to lay the foun­da­tion for the other speakers. Thus, it is impor­tant to listen to the whole con­fer­ence, not just my speech, if you want to get the whole pic­ture! If you live in Cal­i­fornia, you should be very con­cerned about unelected and unac­count­able Coun­cils of Gov­ern­ments (COGS) that are rob­bing your cities, towns and coun­ties of their sov­er­eignty. In par­tic­ular, we pro­file here the Asso­ci­a­tion of Bay Area Gov­ern­ments (ABAG), which is one of the largest COGS in the nation, cov­ering 9 coun­ties, 102 cities and 7 mil­lion people.

How­ever, don’t get smug if you live some­where else, because as goes Cal­i­fornia, so goes the nation — Agenda 21-inspired COGS are every­where. We pro­duced this con­fer­ence with every corner of America in mind, using Cal­i­fornia as a show­case example of what it is that we are fighting, and how to be suc­cessful on a local level.

Lastly, get the DVD set so you can have a “hard copy” at home, and then show it to your friends, neigh­bors, co-workers and anyone else who will listen! After you listen to the first two speakers, I think you will agree with me that this really IS the most impor­tant con­fer­ence of 2014 — and maybe even the entire decade.

Globalizaion of California Forum DVDs


Tri­lat­eral Commission


The Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion: Usurping Sovereignty

The Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion is approaching its 35th anniver­sary. Tri­lat­eral policy has been to create a “New Inter­na­tional Eco­nomic Order” but the means to the end involved hijacking the Exec­u­tive Branch of the U.S. gov­ern­ment. Starting with James Earl Carter in 1976, every suc­ces­sive admin­is­tra­tion has been dom­i­nated by mem­bers of the Com­mis­sion  —  for 35 years, they have had their way with trade policy, cre­ation of global treaties, mon­e­tary policy and the usurping or Amer­ican sovereignty.

The Global Elite: Who are they?

Who are the central/core per­pe­tra­tors of glob­al­iza­tion and the New World Order? To truly under­stand glob­al­iza­tion you must have a firm grasp on who the real movers and shakers are… and pass by myr­iads of wannabe big-shots. Mem­bers of the elite core are not hard to spot, once you know what to look for.

Obama: Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion Endgame

Even before the end of inau­gu­ra­tion month, Pres­i­dent Obama has appointed eleven Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion mem­bers to the most impor­tant gov­ern­ment posi­tions. This is a con­tin­u­a­tion of the Tri­lat­eral hege­mony started in 1976 with the elec­tion of Com­mis­sion vassal James Earl Carter. [Note: This article was awarded a ranking in Cen­sored 2010: The Top 25 Cen­sored Sto­ries of  2008  – 2009.]



 Smart Grid: The Imple­men­ta­tion of Technocracy?

Imple­menting 1930’s-style Tech­noc­racy requires a method of mon­i­toring, mea­suring and con­trol­ling con­sump­tion of energy on a nation­wide basis. The fed­eral gov­ern­ment is racing to imple­ment Smart Grid that will place a dig­ital, Wi-Fi enabled power meter on every home in the U.S. Appli­ance makers are gearing up to include Smart Grid Wi-Fi cir­cuitry, allowing two-way com­mu­ni­ca­tion between your appli­ances, the power meter, the utility com­pany and the Depart­ment of Energy.

Technocracy’s Endgame: Global Smart Grid

The dark horse of the New World Order is not Com­mu­nism, Socialism or Fas­cism: It is Tech­noc­racy. The imple­men­ta­tion of national, con­ti­nental and global Smart Grid sys­tems pave the way for Tech­noc­racy to be imple­mented on a global basis: Its being hailed as a New World Wide Web of Energy.

Carbon Cur­rency: A New Begin­ning for Technocracy?

The resur­gent phi­los­ophy of 1930’s-style Tech­noc­racy is making a big come­back by seeking to con­trol the world through energy-based accounting and a uni­versal Carbon Cur­rency. In the process, Tech­noc­racy would replace elected leaders with engi­neers, sci­en­tists and tech­ni­cians who could run the world with science-based effi­ciency. What Tech­noc­racy could not achieve during the Great Depres­sion appears to have finally found trac­tion in the Great Recession.

Global Banking Trilogy


The World Bank

Cre­ated at Bretton Woods in 1944, the World Bank has been dom­i­nated by inter­na­tional bankers, mem­bers of the Council on For­eign Rela­tions and later by the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion. Cor­rup­tion and self-interest run amok as public funds are con­verted into pri­vate hands by the billions.

The Inter­na­tional Mon­e­tary Fund

The triad of global mon­e­tary con­trollers includes the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank for Inter­na­tional Set­tle­ments. As evi­denced by growing demon­stra­tions out­side of every IMF meeting, the IMF is an orga­ni­za­tion people appar­ently find easy to hate. Funded by tax­payers around the world, the IMF doles out money by the bil­lions to keep glob­al­iza­tion alive. The world is their oyster and the global elite are the harvesters.

The Bank for Inter­na­tional Settlements

Who con­trols global mon­e­tary affairs? The BIS! Based in Basle, Switzer­land, the BIS is cen­tral bank to cen­tral banks. The BIS has greater immu­nity than a sov­er­eign nation, is account­able to no one, runs global mon­e­tary affairs and is pri­vately owned. This is a must-read report to under­stand the glob­al­iza­tion process.

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People want to know…


What is Globalization?

It is the col­lective effect of pur­poseful and amoral manip­u­la­tion that seeks to cen­tralize eco­nomic, polit­ical, tech­no­log­ical and soci­etal forces in order to accrue max­imum profit and polit­ical power to global banks, global cor­po­ra­tions and the elit­ists who run them. It is rapidly moving toward an full and final imple­men­ta­tion of Technocracy.

What is the Tri­lat­eral Commission?

Founded in 1973 by David Rock­e­feller and Zbig­niew Brzezinski, the Com­mis­sion set out to create a “New Inter­na­tional Eco­nomic Order”, namely, Tech­noc­racy. The orig­inal mem­ber­ship con­sisted of elit­ists (bankers, politi­cians, aca­d­e­mics, indus­tri­al­ists) from Japan, North America and Europe. Col­lec­tively, they have dom­i­nated and con­trolled trade and eco­nomic policy in their respec­tive coun­tries since at least 1974.

What is Technocracy?

Tech­noc­racy is a move­ment started in the 1930’s by engi­neers, sci­en­tists and tech­ni­cians that pro­posed the replace­ment of cap­i­talism with an energy-based economy. Orig­i­nally envi­sioned for North America only, it is now being applied on a global basis. Authors Aldous Huxley and George Orwell believed that Tech­noc­racy would result in a Sci­en­tific Dic­ta­tor­ship, as reflected in their books, “Brave New World” and “1984″.

What is Smart Grid?

Smart Grid is the national and global imple­men­ta­tion of dig­ital and Wi-fi enabled power meters that enable com­mu­ni­ca­tion between the appli­ances in your home or busi­ness, with the power provider. This pro­vides con­trol over your appli­ances and your usage of elec­tricity, gas and water.

Who is M. King Hubbert?

Hub­bert was a geo-physicist who co-founded Tech­noc­racy, Inc. in 1932 and authored its Tech­noc­racy Study Course. In 1954, he became the cre­ator of the “Peak Oil Theory”, or “Hubbert’s Peak” which the­o­rized that the world was rapidly run­ning out of carbon-based fuels. Hub­bert is widely con­sid­ered as a “founding father” of the global warming and green movements.

Who is R. Buck­min­ster Fuller?

A pio­neer in global eco­log­ical theory, Fuller (1895 – 1984) was the first to sug­gest the devel­op­ment of a Global Energy Grid that is today known as the Global Smart Grid. Fuller is widely con­sid­ered to be a “founding father” of the global green move­ment, including global warming, Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment, Agenda 21, etc.

Is the Venus Project like Technocracy?

The Venus Project, founded by Jacque Fresco, is a utopian, modern-day iter­a­tion of Tech­noc­racy. Like Tech­noc­racy, it scraps cap­i­talism and pro­poses that “a resource-based economy all of the world’s resources are held as the common her­itage of all of Earth’s people, thus even­tu­ally out­growing the need for the arti­fi­cial bound­aries that sep­a­rate people.” The appli­ca­tion of tech­nology is the answer to all of the world’s prob­lems, including war, famine and poverty.