Findings & Forecasts 04/25/2012

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by Patrick Wood


The fol­lowing 4 1/2 minute video, “If I wanted America to Fail” was pro­duced by The format was inspired by Paul Harvey’s famous mono­logue titled “If I were the devil.” Before con­tin­uing, please listen to it in its entirety and then con­tinue reading the rest of this analysis.

If you have been reading Find­ings & Fore­casts for at least a few months, you know how many times I have sug­gested that the global elite wants America to fail. Appar­ently others are get­ting the idea as well.

How­ever, this nar­rator does not bring up the master plan of Tech­noc­racy (ala the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion) or its main strategic imple­menters, Agenda 21 and Sus­tain­able Development.

Daron Ace­moglu, an econ­o­mist at MIT, recently made some long-term pre­dic­tions, including that Democ­racy will recede. He wrote,

“Democ­racy is under attack in the U.S. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening and money is nec­es­sary to exert polit­ical power. Mean­while, cit­i­zens all over the world have praised China’s author­i­tarian model. This means that the indi­vidual rights rev­o­lu­tion could reverse or stop.” [emphasis added]

This is pretty much the hand­writing on the wall for America. Ace­moglu does not acknowl­edge that China is also hailed as a Tech­noc­racy, nor that it arrived at that con­di­tion thanks to the poli­cies and prod­ding of early mem­bers of the Tri­lat­eral Commission.

The modern-day Euro­pean Union was also cre­ated by mem­bers of the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion (even according to co-founder David Rock­e­feller in his auto­bi­og­raphy Mem­oirs.) The EU has emerged as a Tech­noc­racy run by unelected Tech­nocrats. The PM’s of both Greece and Italy are cur­rent mem­bers of the Com­mis­sion and widely referred to as Tech­nocrats by the Euro­pean press.

America is really asleep on this. The reason that we are in the cross-hairs of these par­a­sites of humanity is because we are the only nation left standing in their way of their quest for total global dom­i­na­tion. Only Amer­i­cans value lib­erty, prop­erty rights and free enter­prise. South America is a socialist mess. Canada is totally socialist and global-minded. Africa is con­quered. Wher­ever Islam exists there is eco­nomic and polit­ical chaos; no threat there. Europe and China are com­pletely pli­able toward the global agenda. All of Asia and the rem­nants of the USSR are com­mu­nist or socialist.

Can you think of a single country that stands with and for what America stands for? I can’t. There are none.

And that’s why we are being ham­mered to death on every side. America has to be destroyed!

But, the attack on America didn’t start last year, or in 2001 or even 1990. The roots of it are most vis­ibly traced to the year 1973 when Zbig­niew Brzezinski and David Rock­e­feller founded the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion as the first global action plan to create a “New Inter­na­tional Eco­nomic Order.” Back then, aca­d­emic Richard Gardner opined that since the frontal attack to create a new world order had repeat­edly failed, an “end-run around national sov­er­eignty” would be needed.

As a result, we have been fried, broiled, toasted and boiled while hardly feeling the heat.

If Amer­i­cans were to wake up to this master plan and dare to resist, they would find every major gov­ern­ment in the world (including their own) fighting against them as rebels and pri­mary obsta­cles to “peace and pros­perity” throughout the globe.

More economy

It became offi­cial today that Eng­land has slipped into a double-dip reces­sion for the first time since the 1970’s.

Greece and Por­tugal are the leading edge of a bank­rupt Euro­zone. Italy is in a crater. Spain is slip­ping rapidly. French cit­i­zens ousted Sarkozy and will likely elect a hard-left socialist.

The polit­ical coali­tion is falling apart and all of a sudden, Ger­many finds itself all alone in its battle to enforce aus­terity on other governments.


Volatility has returned to stocks and will likely con­tinue. The very near term has both higher and lower options, but the longer term case is still pointed down. The highest odds sce­nario is for the decline to resume within a few trading hours… i.e, before the end of this week. The alter­na­tive appears to be another 2 – 3 days of higher prices prior to rolling over to the downside.

There is very little investor aware­ness that stocks are on a precipice. The volume of money flowing into call options is twice as much as is spent buying puts.

In addi­tion, insiders are dumping stock at a rate not seen since over ten years ago.

Silver briefly traded under $30 today, dip­ping to $29.27, before closing back above $30. Rel­a­tive to gold, which has stayed in a narrow range, silver is con­sid­er­ably weaker. This should prove to be a head­wind to sig­nif­i­cantly higher stock prices.

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