Findings & Forecasts 11/08/2012

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Fore­cast for America

The re-election of Barack Obama was not just about a single indi­vidual. More impor­tantly, his Admin­is­tra­tion, along with its Czars, appointees, health care reform, reg­u­la­tions, mil­i­tary restruc­turing, etc., will live on for at least another four years, if not permanently.

Obama’s first four years focused on restruc­turing the U.S. Admin­is­tra­tion. He put his Marxist-oriented system and poli­cies in place and found key people to move it for­ward. A majority of Amer­i­cans are appar­ently sup­porting this rev­o­lu­tion, but more because of mass manip­u­la­tion than rea­soned thinking.

I over­heard some older people speaking about the elec­tion results. One cursed George Bush as the evil destroyer and praised Obama because he also blamed Bush. Another said that he is happy as long as he keeps get­ting his Social Secu­rity checks and Medicare pay­ments. Another sug­gested that Obama’s eco­nomic poli­cies might not be so hot and the other two scoffed in total igno­rance. It was a use­less and point­less dis­cus­sion that led nowhere, and only showed that none of them under­stood a thing they were talking about.

My point is, this under­scores the mass igno­rance and mis­un­der­standing among the pop­u­lace. Such people are easily manipulated.

Here are a few fore­casts on the next four years with Obama at the helm.

Rad­ical Islam — Obama will do nothing to stem the spread of rad­ical Islam in the Middle East or else­where. His friendly dis­po­si­tion toward groups like the Muslim Broth­er­hood will encourage even more bold­ness in regime turnover like the ones seen in Egypt and Libya, and the U.S State Depart­ment and CIA will be helping every step of the way.

Health­care — Oba­macare is now set in con­crete. There will be no turning back. The quality of health care will dete­ri­o­rate and many doc­tors will exit the system, shrinking avail­able resources even fur­ther. Rationed care will be par­tic­u­larly hard on the elderly as they are increas­ingly viewed as use­less to society.

Cor­rup­tion — Scan­dals and cor­rup­tion will increase dra­mat­i­cally. During the first four years, nothing has stuck to Obama. He and his Admin­is­tra­tion have suc­cess­fully dodged every scandal, thumbed their nose at Con­gress and the Judi­cial system, and stonewalled every request for infor­ma­tion. Such “suc­cesses” will only encourage more bad behavior.

Police State - The overall mil­i­tary will be reduced in size with an increasing focus on domestic enforce­ment. That is, the mil­i­tary will be increas­ingly used in the U.S. to “fight home­grown terror.”  Depart­ment of Home­land Secu­rity screen­ings and check points will be expanded into all forms of travel and public safety: train, bus, per­sonal trans­porta­tion, sporting events, public build­ings, etc. Local police forces will be sub­ju­gated to mil­i­tary or fed­eral authority.

Gun Con­trol — Buy them while you can because Obama will be full out to ban gun own­er­ship, gun and ammu­ni­tion sales. Reuters reports that within hours of the elec­tion results “U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks.” Obama dropped this ini­tia­tive in July for fear of Repub­lican back­lash; now it’s back and run­ning at full speed.

Tech­noc­racy — Zbig­niew Brzezinski wrote in Between Two Ages that “Marxism rep­re­sents a fur­ther vital and cre­ative stage in the maturing of man’s uni­versal vision.” Note that it is not the end of man’s vision, but only a stage to go through. As a Marxist, Obama is using his unortho­doxy to move toward Tech­noc­racy in the U.S. and also glob­ally. In this sense, he is a “useful idiot” in the pro­mo­tion of Tech­noc­racy. Amer­ican polit­ical and eco­nomic thinkers are far behind the curve in under­standing this.

Smart Grid — Expect an all-out push to com­plete the national smart grid and to tie it together at the Depart­ment of Energy in Wash­ington, D.C. As green energy policy fab­ri­cates energy short­ages, the cry for con­ser­va­tion and a “national energy policy” will be deafening.

Per­sonal Pri­vacy — By 2016, nothing will be hidden from gov­ern­mental view, and no cit­izen (except the elite) will be exempt from total “on-demand” scrutiny. The imple­men­ta­tion of a national id card will be real­ized. Public sur­veil­lance and tracking will be per­va­sive. Mon­i­toring of all com­mu­ni­ca­tion (phone, com­puter, con­ver­sa­tions) will be fully implemented.

Tax increases — Expect them on every level. Obama is already con­sid­ering a “carbon tax” that will limit U.S. man­u­fac­turing and transportation.

U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion — It’s toast and we all know it, so we might as well just say it. The first four Obama years have trashed what­ever is left of a working Con­sti­tu­tion. It is clear that the Exec­u­tive Branch of the U.S. gov­ern­ment has broken free of the checks and bal­ances pro­vided in the Con­sti­tu­tion, and is now in an openly adver­sarial role with Amer­ican cit­i­zens. Obama will do what­ever he wants, with or without the approval of Congress.

Is there any­thing that can stop these well-defined polit­ical memes? No. Why not? Because the majority of voters (espe­cially the younger gen­er­a­tions) are not lit­erate enough to even under­stand these issues, much less resist them.

The odds are high that one of Obama’s past, present or future scan­dals could get him impeached before 2016. How­ever, be careful what you wish for: Obama’s depar­ture would pro­mote the master-of-jabberwocky Joe Biden to the presidency.

Next week: The state of the economy

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Last week, I stated  “Given the cur­rent analysis that stocks have indeed changed trend from up to down, the market should quickly resume its decline in the fol­lowing days.” Indeed, it has and with a vengeance.

Wednesday, the first trading day after Obama’s win, was the worst post-election trading ses­sion since 1948 — down 2.4 per­cent in the DJIA! Today’s loss of 121.41 makes for a two day decline of 434.36 points.

Other indexes are fol­lowing suit. Down­side volume surged and declines far out­num­bered advances; in fact, Wednesday was a 90 per­cent down day. The DJIA is now solidly below its 200 day moving average for two closes in a row.

The NASDAQ gapped lower yes­terday, moving sharply below its 200 day moving average.

The inten­sity of this market action leads me to con­clude that we are in the midst of a bearish third wave decline — which I have been warning about. Adding to the inten­sity is the pos­si­bility of being the third wave at two or three levels of degree; in other words, “a third of a third of a third.”

The risk is also increased for a water­fall decline that could draw the DJIA down to 12,000 or lower very rapidly. The fact that the market is over­sold already means nothing when sellers get behind the trend. Some of the biggest losses in his­tory started from a deeply over­sold condition.

Gold, silver and the dollar are in sync with the decline in stocks. Gold’s sharp decline to $1,672.50 on Monday com­pleted a dis­tinct Elliott Wave pat­tern of five waves down, and is now expe­ri­encing an a-b-c cor­rec­tion before resuming its decline. Gold could rally to the $1,740 level before the cor­rec­tion is fin­ished, but there­after, it should resume its decline. I expect the sup­port shelf at $1,527 to be tested again and even­tu­ally broken.

Silver is in the same posi­tion as gold, having set a recent low of $30.63. This level should be broken when the cor­rec­tive rally is completed.

The bottom line: Stay out of harm’s way.


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10 Responses to Findings & Forecasts 11/08/2012

  1. Dianne Hughes November 8, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    I always enjoy your features,I also fol­lowed Anthony Sutton and your work.…Thank You.…

  2. Brenda November 8, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    Testing for brenda leaving a comment

  3. Patrick Wood November 8, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    Thank you, Dianne. I hope it helps you in some way.

  4. Dave November 8, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    Well Pat, I really was hoping to find some­thing IO dis­agreed with in your sum­mary but sadly enough, I can’t. I don’t like the fact of it but I think you are 100% on target. And yes, Biden as VP — what a bril­liant way to keep from being impeached, or dumped by what­ever means! I imagine it wqs a well con­sid­ered move.

  5. Dave November 8, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    sorry about the typos

  6. Craig Stelck November 8, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    Patrick, it’s impos­sible to give so called edu­cated com­mu­nist left over lefties from the sev­en­ties any infor­ma­tion to com­pare at all. I have tried for­ever. Their hard drives were wired in the first year of indoc­tri­na­tion at col­lege. They march with those orders the rest of their lives. They are pure hateful zom­bies. The upside is these marxist useful idiots will feel the pain finan­cially at the same time we do. I hope it destroys them. We on the other hand have pre­pared for what’s coming in many ways. It’s so very clear that our uni­ver­si­ties were infil­trated with com­mu­nist par­a­sites from the 1930’s to present. What I can’t believe is the cow­ardly unstudied mil­i­tary leaders from mid level to near the top. It’s shocking as I think they haven’t read any­thing. They just blindly serve these marxist par­a­sites. Our General’s and gang are hand picked by CFR/TL heads so they are in on the new world order which should scare everyone. What a nation of moronic tele­vi­sion watching zom­bies. It’s like Inva­sion of the Body Snatchers only for real.

  7. Kona Pete November 8, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Patrick, Given that the “Elite” use the pres­i­dent as their “useful idiot” to advance the NWO agenda, somehow I don’t think the results would be much dif­ferent if Romney had won. It all looks pretty hope­less, but I’d like to think there is some way to defeat the NWO.

  8. Craig Stelck November 14, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    Patrick, would please give sev­eral short exam­ples of cor­po­rate fas­cism starting with Ron Pelosi’s three quarter of a bil­lion dollar tax payer funded solar farm. I wonder if there is a way to see route of that money. I would guess a good por­tion went back to the Krat machine to help BO steal the elec­tion. Anyway theft by cor­po­rate fas­cism seems to be how things are done now. We live in a coma I think.

  9. WillieDeLeatt November 15, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    Those behind Marxism/Communism and the main­stream media/entertainment are the same prof­i­teers that cre­ated debt slavery through Usury and have always funded both sides of every war. Could this elu­sive tribe be the Mayan Death Cults?


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