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Findings & Forecasts 01/30/2013


Gun Con­trol

The global elite has worked pri­marily through the left-wing polit­ical appa­ratus to remove guns from society. Con­sti­tu­tion­al­ists from the both the left (yes, there are some) and right tend to pro­vide the resis­tance to such efforts because the Second Amend­ment is a key part of the U.S. Constitution.

The gun con­trol lobby appears always ready to launch for­ward when­ever a gun-related crisis hits, such as was the case with the Sandy Hook school shooting. Their strategy is under­stand­able because without an emo­tional event, the Amer­ican public quickly repu­di­ates any attempt to degrade the Second Amendment.

In this post-Sandy Hook attack on gun own­er­ship, the person leading the leg­isla­tive attack against gun own­er­ship is ultra-liberal Sen­ator Dianne Fein­stein (D-CA). Notably, Fein­stein is also a member of the elite Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion! Another Tri­lat­eral member, Sen. John D. “Jay” Rock­e­feller (D-WV), is a co-sponsor on the bill.

Since the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012 and the intro­duc­tion of Feinstein’s leg­is­la­tion on Jan­uary 24, 2013, a mas­sive media cam­paign was launched against firearms, and par­tic­u­larly against  “assault rifles.” In fact, almost 100 per­cent of the “public dis­cus­sion” — care­fully orches­trated by major media — has focused directly on military-style rifles such as the M-4 and AR-15. Demands have ranged from an out­right ban on such rifles, to lim­iting the mag­a­zine capacity to 5 or 10 rounds.

The manic irra­tionality over assault rifles has led to a mass decep­tion that such a rifle was used to kill  20 inno­cent chil­dren at the Sandy Hook school. In fact, the shooter had stolen such a rifle from his mother, but left it in the trunk of the car that he drove to the school. It was not taken out of the trunk until police offi­cers did so after the inci­dent. It had not been recently fired. It was not used in the shootings.

The fol­lowing clip shows that all the major news ser­vices ini­tially reported that the shooter used only hand­guns and that the Bush­master rifle was dis­cov­ered — unused — in the trunk of his car.

Given the facts, why did the sub­se­quent dis­cus­sion demo­nize assault rifles like the Bush­master? The answer is: Agenda #2. Simply put, the global elite want to extract these military-style weapons because they are a hin­drance to their plans for global gov­er­nance. There are at least 4 mil­lion of these weapons, along with mil­lions of rounds of ammu­ni­tion, scat­tered throughout the Amer­ican pop­u­la­tion. Many owners, if not most, have mil­i­tary training with sim­ilar weapons, the only dif­fer­ences being fully auto­matic cycling and per­haps more advanced sighting systems.

Weapons in the hands of a large cit­i­zenry is a potent deter­rent to any would-be usurper, much as “mutu­ally assured destruc­tion” thinking was a deter­rent to nuclear war during the cold war with the former USSR.

But, aren’t guns already con­trolled to a large degree? While there might be sev­eral thou­sand local, state and fed­eral laws affecting firearms, there are likely only a few hun­dred that are cur­rent and rel­e­vant; that is, older laws have been super­seded by more recent leg­is­la­tion. Nev­er­the­less, a Con­gres­sional Research Ser­vice report notes that it is already illegal to own a firearm for

  • per­sons con­victed in any court of a crime pun­ish­able by impris­on­ment for a term exceeding one year;
  • fugi­tives from justice;
  • unlawful users or addicts of any con­trolled sub­stance as defined in Sec­tion 102 of the Con­trolled Sub­stances Act (21 U.S.C. §802);
  • per­sons adju­di­cated as “mental defec­tive” or com­mitted to mental institutions;
  • unau­tho­rized immi­grants and non-immigrant visitors;
  • per­sons dis­hon­or­ably dis­charged from the U.S. Armed Forces;
  • per­sons who have renounced their U.S. citizenship;
  • per­sons under court-order restraints related to harassing, stalking, or threat­ening an inti­mate partner or child of such inti­mate partner;
  • per­sons con­victed of a mis­de­meanor crime of domestic vio­lence; and
  • per­sons under indict­ment in any court of a crime pun­ish­able by impris­on­ment for a term exceeding one year.

This means that valid laws have been in place for vir­tu­ally every shooting inci­dent in modern his­tory. Enforce­ment has obvi­ously been lacking, but adding addi­tional laws on top of unen­forced laws is totally irra­tional. Why would we expect better enforce­ment on new laws?

There must be another reason for Sen. Feinstein’s Senate bill that bans assault rifles and pro­hibits the sale of 157 spe­cific weapons while lim­iting mag­a­zine capac­i­ties to 10 rounds. Pro­po­nents say that the bill does not pro­mote con­fis­ca­tion, and yet the text clearly says that if you pur­chased a banned gun before the law takes effect, you will not be able to transfer, sell or gift (even to your own chil­dren) your firearm without first sur­ren­dering it to a Fed­eral Firearm Licensed dealer. The FFL dealer will con­fis­cate any­thing that is banned, including high-capacity mag­a­zines or specif­i­cally banned firearm models.

Agenda #1: Fur­ther­more, Obama is in process of syn­chro­nizing the national gun reg­istry data­base, whereby every person involved in the transfer of a firearm must be fin­ger­printed and undergo a renewed back­ground check; records will be kept indef­i­nitely and will be enhanced with data from other public and pri­vate sources. In par­tic­ular, health records will be matched for signs of mental ill­ness, drug pre­scrip­tions for anti-depressants or anx­iety, or other drugs that have neg­a­tive psy­chotropic side-effects.

Within a few years, the gov­ern­ment will know the pre­cise own­er­ship and loca­tion of every firearm in America. Even if out­right con­fis­ca­tion is not attempted, levying taxes against your firearms would be straight­for­ward and would quickly con­vince many to sell their firearms to gov­ern­ment col­lec­tion centers.

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4 Responses to “Findings & Forecasts 01/30/2013”

  1. Thomas Lappert says:

    How come the NRA and Gun Owners of America do not ask why we keep seeing AR 15 as the gun used at Sandy Hook, when it was hand guns used. Day in and Day out, all I see is AR 15 assault rifle used at Sandy Hook. If you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it. Just like the sep­a­ra­tion between church and state, it is not found in the Con­sti­tu­tion, but it is said and said and said and people believe it is part of the Con­sti­tu­tion. How sad.

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  2. Bolshevictim says:

    Whites who still want lib­erty and indi­vidual rights a major threat to Jewish dom­i­na­tion, new study finds:
    Gov­ern­ment is once again using the excuse of trying to pro­tect the people from maniacs and crime, when in reality, it is the crim­inal bureau­crat maniacs pro­tecting their power and posi­tion.
    I know writing your sen­a­tors is most likely futile, but let­ters deliv­ered to their homes are usu­ally not ignored:

    Sen­ator Dianne Fein­stein
    3300 Nebraska Ave NW
    Wash­ington DC 20016

    Sen­ator Dianne Fein­stein
    2460 Lyon Street
    San Fran­cisco, CA 94123

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  3. Randy says:

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER tell ANYONE you don’t know and trust inti­mately that you own a firearm. It’s NOBODY’S business!!!!

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  4. apollonian says:

    Another impor­tant angle to be con­sid­ered is there is much com­pelling evi­dence to indi­cate the Sandy Hook event was gross hoax in the first place, not to men­tion the con­stantly changing sto­ries about the weapons used.

    Ck and for out­standing info

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