Social Utility: How Much Are Grandpa and Grandma Worth?

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  • commented 2014-10-07 14:22:50 -0600
    In reading your response concerning my link to “gnosticism” it is immediately evident that you are not a Christian and that your flawed information came from two major sources—Elaine Pagels and Bart Ehrman, Elaine Pagels is a professed gnostic and shares her nonsense concerning Christ as a essene gnostic in her books. Gnosticism has no historical support, it is filled with mythological nonsense and is based on the idea of select individuals possessing mystical arcane knowledge that places them in a position to rule the world. In other words, they shall be like gods. Virtually every collectivist scheme— national socialism, communism, fascism, etc— is based on this idea. Christianity is not based on Constantine or any other earthly ruler—it is based on the words of the prophets and on the words of God’s son—Jesus Christ. The abuse of Christianity by the Catholic popes and later by some protestant leaders has nothing to do with true Christianity.

    Eric Voegelin has written extensively on this link between modern totalitarian states and gnosticism as have other scholars. I would refer you to his works.
  • commented 2014-10-07 09:03:26 -0600
    Though I would agree that the older generations could be subjected to “death panels” (e.g., ObamaCare) I am perplexed as to the connection to Gnosticism. The argument seems rather tortured in my view for a number of reasons:

    (1) If Jesus even existed the “Dead Sea Scrolls” make quite clear he was a Gnostic Essene
    (2) For anyone that actually studies history it was largely Gnostics that found themselves crucified upside down outside of Roman cities.
    (3) The reason for this emanates from the very fact that Gnostics believe that the “kingdom of god” (e.g., the fact we are all part of the same Big Bang Singularity) was to be found “within.” And that is why the Gnostic argument seems so tortured to me. The Gnostics were crucified primarily because they would not accept the edicts coming from such elitist controllers such as Constantine who only embraced “christianity” as means to control the masses.

    Other than that I am in agreement: there is little doubt that our government is nudging us toward policies that denigrate both the elderly (e.g., our elders) and the important social fabric to be found within the family.