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Plundering the Public Purse

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By Patrick Wood, Editor

As the global finan­cial crisis unfolds, one thing is cer­tain: The major invest­ment and com­mer­cial banks who have wrecked our economy and finan­cial system are now suc­cess­fully sucking unlim­ited amounts of money from the people’s Trea­sury to bail them­selves out.

Drooling at the head of the line are Bear Stearns and JP Morgan Chase. There will be more.

In simple terms, Bear Stearns, the fifth largest U.S. invest­ment bank, got caught in a mas­sive bank run. Vir­tu­ally overnight, those who extended credit on a reg­ular basis, dis­ap­peared. It’s not that they didn’t deserve insol­vency, because Bear Stearns was a pio­neer in the secu­ri­ti­za­tion of now-toxic sub-prime mortgages.

Had Bear Stearns been allowed to col­lapse, it would have set off a domino effect that could have taken down major com­mer­cial banks as well as other invest­ment banks and brokerages.

Fed Chairman Bernanke and Trea­sury Sec­re­tary Paulson quickly set into motion a plan to pre­vent dis­aster. (Um, hold on to your wallet!)

Invoking a rarely used 1932 Amend­ment to the Fed­eral Reserve Act, The Fed­eral Reserve set up a spe­cial fund with $200 bil­lion that can be used by major banks to shore up their cap­ital posi­tion so that a) they won’t fail alto­gether and b) they can con­tinue to loan mul­ti­plied bil­lions to clients world-wide. The lan­guage of the Amend­ment gives the Fed such authority when “unusual and exi­gent cir­cum­stances exist and the bor­rower is unable to secure ade­quate credit accom­mo­da­tions from other sources.”

In essence, the Fed becomes the lender of last resort, and the Trea­sury guar­an­tees payoff even in the case of default.

But, Bear Stearns is NOT a bank and NOT a member of the privately-owned Fed­eral Reserve. And since the Fed can only lend cash directly to member banks, it chan­neled funds through sur­ro­gate JPMorgan Chase, to pur­chase Bear Stearns and guar­antee its con­tinued operation.

What a sweet­heart deal for JPMorgan Chase: It lit­er­ally stole the com­pany for a mere $2 per share or a total of about $250 mil­lion. The Bear Stern head­quar­ters building alone is worth at least a bil­lion dol­lars. Its stock traded as high as $170 just over a year ago.

So, Bear Stearns gets bailed out at no risk to JPMorgan Chase, and JP Morgan Chase gets to add wind­fall assets to its own bal­ance sheet.

Don’t be shocked to remember that the Chase in JPMorgan Chase is derived from the old Chase Man­hattan Bank that was the dynasty of David Rock­e­feller, which merged into banking giant JP Morgan some years ago. Rock­e­feller was the co-founder of the elite Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion in 1973, whose spe­cific goal was to create a “New Inter­na­tional Eco­nomic Order.”

In a sep­a­rate move, the Fed announced it will begin to loan Trea­sury secu­ri­ties (not cash) directly to the large invest­ment banks in return for col­lat­eral based on “more risky invest­ments,” e.g. worth­less sub-prime paper. By infu­sion of “better cap­ital” onto their bal­ance sheets, the hope is that other lenders will be more likely to con­tinue to do busi­ness with them. If  the bor­rower goes defunct, its cred­i­tors seize the Trea­sury secu­ri­ties, and the Trea­sury is left holding the worth­less secu­ri­ties. Of course, tax­payers will con­tinue to pay interest on these secu­ri­ties for years into the future.

Amer­i­cans aren’t going to take this much longer.

Social mood is vis­ibly turning just as cer­tainly as a San Fran­cisco cable car on its turntable at the end of the line.

A recent search on www.cnnfn.com for “Bear Stearns” pro­duced these two spon­sored ad links at the very top of the results page:

  • “Bear Stearns Law­suit: Lose Money in Bear Stearns Shares? Free Case Review”
  • “Bear Stearns Employee? Did Com­pany Vio­late Your Rights? Get into an ERISA Investigation”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The FBI announced in Jan­uary that it is cur­rently probing 14 major mort­gage lenders for fraud, including Coun­try­wide Finan­cial. It is very likely that Bear Stearns is among this list. Sev­eral Fed­eral and state agen­cies are already inves­ti­gating crim­inal wrong­doing from the Bear’s two failed hedge funds that went under in 2007.

Can an industry as cor­rupt and self-serving as this escape unscathed under the gaze of a hoard of hungry lawyers, attor­neys gen­eral, state and fed­eral agen­cies and more? Not.

This writer pre­dicts that at least some of these top exec­u­tives (and per­haps some gov­ern­ment col­lab­o­ra­tors) will ulti­mately be carted off in hand­cuffs, much like Jef­fery Skilling and Ken­neth Lay after the col­lapse of Enron in 2001.

Mean­while, ABC News reports that Bear Stearns has called in grief coun­selors “to help workers handle the news that their plans and per­haps their dreams have abruptly and dra­mat­i­cally changed.” How thoughtful.

Appar­ently, the overnight loss of 99% of their retire­ment funds plus the prospect of losing their jobs is pro­ducing symp­toms like depres­sion, with­drawal, sleep­less­ness, loss of appetite and anx­iety and irritability.

Under­stand­able, but many of us have been suf­fering the same things over the sellout and melt­down of our entire country, and for a lot longer than they have!

Who will hire grief coun­selors for us?

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