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Educating the Enemy

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by Patrick Wood, Editor

Do we have a respon­si­bility to shell out some $8 bil­lion per year in tax­payer money to edu­cate over 60,000 com­mu­nist Chi­nese stu­dents in Amer­ican uni­ver­si­ties? That is, the very stu­dents who return to China to take jobs, fac­to­ries and even entire indus­tries away from Amer­ican workers?

Appar­ently so, according to the U.S. State Depart­ment divi­sion that pan­ders to wannabe Chi­nese students.

In a 2005 speech given by Donald Bishop, attached to the U.S. Embassy in Bei­jing, China, Bishop eagerly told prospec­tive stu­dents how to game the Amer­ican edu­ca­tional system for an essen­tially free edu­ca­tion at tax­payer expense. He told them how to secure stu­dent visas, which pro­grams to apply for, and how to get addi­tional money to main­tain them­selves while in the United States.

Each year, over 20,000 new com­mu­nist Chi­nese stu­dents join the other 40,000 stu­dents already present at Amer­ican universities.  Eighty-two per­cent (almost 50,000) of these are grad­uate stu­dents in math­e­matics, sci­ences and engi­neering. Those stu­dents who get Teaching or Research Assis­tant jobs find that tuitions are fur­ther reduced, in some cases to zero.  Such oppor­tu­ni­ties are not avail­able to undergrads.

At public insti­tu­tions in the United States, According to Bishop,

“… a stu­dent receives a dollar’s worth of edu­ca­tion for per­haps twenty-five cents. The university’s other costs are sup­ported by the tax­payers, which means the farmers and fac­tory workers and busi­ness people of one of the fifty states.”

At pri­vate uni­ver­si­ties, half of the tuition is sub­si­dized by endow­ments and foun­da­tions.
Bishop summed up the finan­cial angle by stating,

“Another way to look at this is that every stu­dent admitted to an Amer­ican uni­ver­sity receives an (unstated) schol­ar­ship, or per­haps a sub­sidy, from Amer­ican society. Every state debates the amount of money allo­cated for higher edu­ca­tion each year. Every state wants to keep edu­ca­tion fees low to ben­efit its own low-income stu­dents. But every year, states agree to use tens or hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars to sub­si­dize the stu­dents that come from for­eign nations. These bil­lions of dol­lars demon­strate a true Amer­ican com­mit­ment to diver­sity and inter­na­tional understanding.”

Do Amer­i­cans know about this “true Amer­ican com­mit­ment” to edu­cate com­mu­nists on how to make nooses from our own rope to hang us with?

Have we for­gotten that between 1949 – 1975, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) mur­dered an esti­mated 45 – 50 mil­lion of its own cit­i­zens? The PRC is still pounding on Tibet, where some 600,000 have died since 1950.

Have we for­gotten that per­se­cu­tion of Chris­tians is leg­endary in China? Even as China pre­pares to host the 2008 Summer Olympic games, they have for­bidden for­eign ath­letes to pub­li­cally or pri­vately share their Chris­tian faith with Chi­nese citizens.  Even after the cur­rent earth­quake that killed at least 34,000 people, the PRC ordered a new crack­down on under­ground house churches that might have oth­er­wise been a great source of relief to refugees of that ter­rible disaster.

Have we for­gotten that the PRC ruth­lessly enforces a policy of forced abor­tion for women who would seek to have more than one child? Untold mil­lions of young women have been vio­lated under this brutal policy.

Have we for­gotten that China is the number one source of cyber-warfare against the United States in recent years? Just one year ago, the Depart­ment of Defense pub­li­cally admitted that “The PLA (People’s Lib­er­a­tion Army) has estab­lished infor­ma­tion war­fare units to develop viruses to attack enemy com­puter sys­tems and networks.”

Per­haps Mr. Bishop of the State Depart­ment doesn’t remember such things. How­ever, a more likely sce­nario is that he does remember and yet chooses to ignore them, to our own expense and peril.

That would mean, of course, that Bishop vio­lated his oath of employ­ment: “I will sup­port and defend the Con­sti­tu­tion of the United States against all ene­mies, for­eign and domestic and I will bear true faith and alle­giance to the same.”

In all fair­ness to Mr. Bishop, we should acknowl­edge that he is acting in accor­dance with offi­cial State Depart­ment poli­cies, under the lead­er­ship of the Admin­is­tra­tion of George W. Bush.

The global elite who opened up China to for­eign invest­ment and man­u­fac­turing in the early 1970’s are the very same people who are backing Chi­nese edu­ca­tion in America today. After all, why should the elite spend their own money to edu­cate their Chi­nese work­force when bun­dles of tax­payer money is avail­able to do it for them?

Per­son­ally, this writer wants no part of China or the Chi­nese polit­ical system, and nei­ther should you.

In the mean­time, we owe them absolutely nothing and espe­cially not a free edu­ca­tion at tax­payer expense.

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What is Globalization?

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What is the Tri­lat­eral Commission?

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