Technocracy’s Endgame: Global Smart Grid

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  • commented 2015-02-21 20:19:46 -0700
    Jesus said in reply to Pontius Pilate, “My kingdom is no part of this world, if it was, my attendants would have fought so I would not be delivered up to the jews. But as it is, my kingdom is not from this (earthly) source.” He told his disciples before his death, “You are no part of this world, as I am no part of this world.” He also stated that the devil was the ruler of this world. Why would we consider getting involved in it’s politics? It is not God’s will….or purpose. Mankind’s governments with the devil ruling behind the scenes (including the technocrats) exist in opposition to Jesus and God’s Kingdom. God intends to destroy these governments and is having this message preached in over 236 lands and countries at this very moment. (Read Daniel 2: 44,45, also Matthew 24:14).