The Trilateral Commission: Usurping Sovereignty

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  • commented 2015-04-23 13:19:23 -0600
    The labor movement was coopted (sold down the river?) with the initial presence of six top labor leaders as members of the Trilateral Commission. Those included Sol Chaikin, President, International Ladies Garment Workers Union; Lane Kirkland, President, AFL-CIO; Glenn Watts, President, Communication Workers of America; I.W. Abel, President, United Steel Workers of America; Leonard Woodcock, President, United Auto Workers Union; Martin J Ward, President, United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the U.S. and Canada. This was the biggest betrayal of American labor in the history of our nation – not that I love unions, which I don’t – but their own leaders led them to destruction. To date, I have not seen anyone write about this except Sutton and myself. If the “rank and file” ever got wind of this, there would be a mass uprising against these people.
  • commented 2015-04-23 10:44:51 -0600
    Amen….Thank you for your work… common sense ’Conclusion" to connecting all the dots.

    I have one question ? What happened to " The Labor Movement" How did they allow the North Amer­ican Free Trade Agree­ment (NAFTA) happen?

    “The ini­tial Com­mis­sion mem­ber­ship……….leaders of promi­nent labor unions”.